Supporting Ukrainian Refugees

Helping Ukrainian refugees integrate into the workforce in the Netherlands with legal and job placement assistance.

Challenges Faced By Refugees

Understanding and overcoming hurdles in a new country

Employment Insecurity

Struggling to find secure job opportunities in a foreign land.

Legal Uncertainty

Navigating complex legal procedures in a new legal system.

Integration Obstacles

Facing difficulties assimilating into a different culture and society.

Language Barriers

Overcoming communication challenges due to language differences.

Empowering Solutions for Refugees

Comprehensive support for skills development and legal concerns.

HR Management

Efficiently handle all human resource needs

Legal Support

Comprehensive legal aid for Ukrainian refugees

Employment Facilitation

Helping refugees secure meaningful employment

Our Journey of Support

Empowering Ukrainian refugees through legal and job assistance services.

Dedicated to ensuring a successful integration journey for every individual.

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Benefits of Choosing KotIQ

Maximize opportunities and secure your future.

Job Placement

Access to job opportunities aligning with your skills and aspirations.

Legal Support

Expert guidance through legal intricacies for a smooth integration process.

Community Integration

Assistance in adapting to the local culture and building a support network.

Client Testimonials

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